An important dimension of IG ASI’s activity is the creation of measurable business benefits for Members.

These include increasing the number of co-investments, follow-on investments, providing access to quality investment opportunities, strengthening professional and private relations between representatives of the capital market, the investment fund industry and new technologies, or supporting the innovation ecosystem.



Annual meetings that combine the DemoDay format – showcasing the best companies from the portfolios of IG ASI Members, followed by a club and networking gathering among IG ASI Members at a golf venue. The meetings take place at a golf course or driving range in the center of Warsaw. The attendees include Fund Managers, Fund Investors, Business Angels, Investment Directors, and representatives of selected portfolio companies for presentation. The club format includes dinner and an open bar.


Database of portfolio companies

The AIF Chamber is working on a database that encompasses all portfolio companies of IG ASI Members. This information includes industry specifics, valuation, the size of the latest funding round, key financial parameters, information about the ongoing fundraising, and other information needed to make investment or co-investment decisions.


Information about the most interesting events and free tickets/discounts for Members of the ASI Chamber of Commerce.

The ASI Chamber of Commerce is a partner of the most interesting conferences, meetings, trade shows, and other events relevant to the industry. The ASI Chamber informs its Members about such events and offers them free tickets or significant discounts on ticket purchases. For example, in 2022, the ASI Chamber of Commerce was a partner of Infoshare, Deeptech Summit, and Technologically Advanced (Koneser Technologicznie) events.


Industry Reports

The Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with leading partners and experts, publishes industry reports on the most significant issues for the investment fund sector and the innovation and new technology ecosystem. These reports have a wide and precise reach, reaching not only over 100 investment funds associated with the ASI Chamber of Commerce but also over 1,000 of their portfolio companies, primarily from the innovation and new technology sectors.